Michel Collect Gold Bergamot & Vetvier Royal – Parfum 100 ml

837,00 kr


Say Something Breathtakingly Beautiful About You

Every Chateau palace garden has a magical story to tell.

In these gardens of grandeur, flowers were chosen to send hidden messages of love enrobed in breathtaking beauty. It is this harmony of secret floral messages and royal beauty that are captured in Michel Perfume.

Gold Bergamot & Vetiver Royale
Royal. Mystery. Velvety.

Vetiver Royale enrobes rich, velvety Bergamot and fresh Grapefruit. Hand-picked Rosemary mingles with French Lavender to add intrigue and tantalize. Green, woody Olibanum ushers in depth and mysterious allure.

Type: Citrus

TOP: Bergamot, Mandarin, Grapefruit


MIDDLE: Rosemary, Cardamom, French Lavender


HEART: Vetiver, Musk, Olibanum

Fragrance Pairings

The Michel Collection is designed to be worn individually or together in layers of delight.

In a world where romance and messages of love lived in dreamy wafts of breathtakingly beautiful scents from Royal Chateau gardens, every Michel Collection scent beautifully layers with each other, in any combination.

Every full sized bottle comes with two samples to discover magical pairings.  Say something breathtakingly beautiful about you.

Spray once in equal parts. Please start with the first fragrance, layer with the second for an enchanting combination.gold bergamot pairings

Spray once in equal parts on your pulse points.
For a warmer scent, spray Gold Bergamot & Vetiver Royale, then layer with a spray of Raspberry Royale & French Black Pepper.
For a fresher scent, spray Gold Bergamot & Vetiver Royale, then layer with a spray of French Lavender & King’s Glove.sitrus parfyme, citrus duft,