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Sexual Paris Tendre Eau de Parfume 75 ml by Michel Germain (kun få igjen)

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Tender love with a heady Parisian twist.

The heady, softly intoxicating scent of love.  Gorgeous, tender florals and a caress of Paris’s sumptuous champagne fruits swirl with audacious natural oils. Tendre is for those who know women are meant to be loved with all their lover’s physical being.

FRAGRANCE TYPE:  Fresh, Wood Aromatic
TOP:  Ginger, French Red Current, French Champagne Mandarin
MIDDLE:  French Rose, Tender Freesia, Blue Violet Orris
HEART:  Modern Amber, Sophisticated Musk, Sandalwood

How to wear:
Evening Fragrance.

Heady and intoxicating, wear this fragrance in the evening.  It’s Paris from a lover’s perspective.  Wear it on a passionate evening stroll through a park or dancing all night. To make it a daytime scent, spritz it on 2 pulse points.  Our suggestions: wrists, ankles, midriff, shoulders, and décolletage.

Expertly blended, our natural oils invite closeness, create seduction, and inspire love like you have nothing to lose. On your terms. In your way.

These hand-picked natural oils blend with your skin’s oils, creating your own exciting, one-of-a-kind scent with an intensity of attraction no one else can claim.  Your life is about to change.

This smooth flacon is molded out of melted white sand from the beaches of France. The glass is crafted in Europe to mimic a woman’s sensuous midriff . . . the epitome of womanly femininity.

Sexual Paris Tendre