Boss up Pink Metallic, Quick On Nails Salon Quality

399,00 kr


INSPIRATION: Being a boss isn’t easy. It requires working hard, hustling and making tough choices. Sometimes there isn’t anyone around but ourselves to count on. Wear this set in those moments where you need that extra emotional support, when there’s nothing left, but to boss up.

DESCRIPTIONBallerina/Coffin Shape. Glue nails on in less than five minutes for a salon perfect manicure. Length and shape can be changed by cutting or filing nails. Will NOT damage your natural nail.

PACKAGE CONTENTS: Every box of Quick Nails includes 24 nails that come in 12 sizes. We also include glue and a nail file in every package. Every box is also named with a women empowerment slogan to help keep you inspired.


What Are They?: They are glue on nails that are intended to give you a very quick, salon quality manicure in 5 minutes or less.

Package Contents: Every box of Quick Nails includes 24 nails that come in 12 sizes. We also include glue and a nail file in every package. Every box is also named with a women empowerment slogan to help keep you inspired.

Sizing: Quick Nails are offered in 12 sizes so you are able to customize to fit your hand. We have tested the nails on petite/small/medium/large hands and there’s a size for everyone. Every individual nail has a number on the back that indicates the size. Nail sizes run from 0 to 9. 0 is the largest size and 9 is the smallest size. The tray also has the sizes imprinted on them.

Changing Shape: Yes, you can change the shape of the Quick Nail you purchased. You can easily use a pair of clippers or the enclosed nail file to cut or file down the nail to make them short, petite, medium length, square, round or pointy…whatever your heart desires, it’s your world babe! Also you can file the base or sides of the nails to help make them even more customized to your specific nail.



Prep: Wash hands with soap, thoroughly dry hands and nails, wipe nail surface with polish remover and: select correct size nail for each finger and set aside in order. Nails are numbered, noted underneath nail. Nails must be fully dry.

Glue Application:

  1. Apply glue directly onto nail surface (petite/small nail beds apply 1/2 drop, medium beds 1 drop and larger beds 1 and 1/2 drop)
  2. Spread over entire nail from cuticle to edges to tip, make sure entire nail is covered
  3. Align the Quick Nail near the cuticle, attach to natural nail & hold for 20 seconds.

Expert Tip: Apply enough glue to avoid air pockets, secure adhesion and extend wear time for up to 7-10 days. If more glue is needed, apply a drop to the Quick Nail also.

Short Wear Time: (1-3 days) Apply glue from cuticle to tip but don’t cover entire nail surface. Always bring glue just in case, a Sexy Boss Babe is always prepared.

Removal: Use point of cuticle trimmer, point of a nail file or toothpick or use one of the extra Quick Nails you didn’t use in the box. Gently nudge under the attached Quick Nail from the side closest to cuticle. Nail should come right off. DO NOT force nail off. If still attached, soak nails in very warm water for 5 minutes and try again. If you try to remove nails too early, they may not come off, please don’t try to force the nails off, just wait a few more days and try again.

Warning: Quick Nails by Sexy Boss Babe are intended to be used as a temporary nail solution to be worn for up to 10 days. Although, it’s possible to make your nails last longer than 10 days, we do not recommend this. Quick Nails are also very durable and you may be able to reuse them, however, for sanitary reasons, we recommend a single use. 

How Do They Really Wear? Quick Nails by Sexy Boss Babe, are truly the best nails on the market. They are durable, you can wash your hair, wash dishes (though it’s better to wear gloves,) do house chores and other tasks…we’ve even dealt with a flat tire while wearing the nails. So YES they really work and you will LOVE all the compliments you will be getting all day long from co-workers, friends and strangers =)

Glue: Honestly, the glue is pretty dope. We have spent a lot of time making sure we provided you with the best that’s available! The glue is strong, reliable AND it’s non-damaging to your natural nail! The glue slowly dissolves over time. So by the time you get to the 7th, 8th or 10th day, when you are ready to remove the Quick Nails, you will be shocked to see how beautiful your natural nail looks as it will not be damaged. We all know how badly acrylics and gels will damage your nails…rest assured that this won’t. Also, if you get glue residue around your nail, no worries, just use nail scissors/clipper or the enclosed file to remove it. 

Setting Expectations: There are instances that one of the Quick Nails may fall off, no need to panic. The reason is because not enough glue was applied, it’s an easy fix, just apply more glue. Another reason is, if there are oils or lotions on the nails. If this is the case, the nail prep is really important; wash and dry hands and if nails are still oily, use nail polish remover or even a light buff on the nail surface. (Always carry the glue with you, it’s better to be prepared than not.)

Responsible: This product is recyclable, it is vegan and cruelty free, we love animals. Also, we only work with manufacturing partners with the highest U.S. compliance standards.