Sugarful edp 40 ml

695,00 kr


SUGARFUL  100 ml
Playful.  Kissable.  Sugarful.

First love’s innocence reveals itself with wild, sweet strawberry and pink peony spun with delectable pink cotton candy.  Musk and seductive sandalwood kisses with a pulsing touch of sensuality.  A luscious, sugarful whirlwind to satisfy every addiction.

FRAGRANCE TYPE:  Oriental Fruity
TOP:  Sparkling Tangerine, Wild Strawberry
MIDDLE:  Pink Peony, Pink Cotton Candy
HEART:  Musk, Seductive Sandalwood

Sugarful Fragrance Tip #1:  Spritz Sugarful twice on your inner elbows and ankles to intensify your sweet gorgeousness as you dance your way through the day.

Sugarful Fragrance Tip #2:  Spritz Sugarful twice over your hair. Sugarful enticingly says “look my way” every time your hair swishes.

Sugarful Fragrance Tip #3:  Spritz Sugarful three times over your midriff to amplify your stunning sweet gorgeousness.