Desert Dry By Nature Deodorant Non-GMO Long Lasting Protection (duft-fri)

129,00 kr

Aluminiumfri Deodorant – Uni-Sex

  • Neutral Odor- Scented essential oils of calendula and chamomile eliminate foul smell from your body and keep it fresh all day long
  • Suitable for sensitive skin- Dry by nature deodorant protects your skin without causing irritation, owing to the infusion of natural oils and extracts
  • Safe for regular use – Desert essence deodorant does not contain aluminum, animal-derived ingredients, alcohol, artificial color and synthetic perfumes, which make it a safe bet when you apply it daily on your skin
  • Soothes senses- Blend of pure botanical extracts not only provides effective skin protection but also soothes your sense and provides a calming effect
  • Certified product – Desert essence dry by nature deodorant stick is certified by natural products association, which adds to its authenticity